About the Owner

This section is dedicated to all the women who at different points of my life provided me with a delicious meal as an act of service that I have yet to forget. Thank you to Marlene Marcelin, Sabrina Hawkins, Adrienne Phillips, Cynthia Gathers, and Ana Rojas.

As a young black girl from NYC with huge aspirations and dreams, I grew up with the opportunity try my pallet with many diverse meals.. My mentor and biggest motivation through my culinary journey is my late grandpa Oliver Gethers (initials O.G.) aka Teddy. He was a chef in the Navy and continued his passion after his time served. One thing for certain, when Grandpa Teddy was in the kitchen, you just knew you were about have an amazing meal filled with passion and skill. There was no such thing as a “struggle” meal in Teddys house! No matter who you were, if you were hungry, Grandpa teddy would feed you. It was through his teachings that I learned not only how to cook well, but to cook with love. Feeding someone is definitely a love language; an act of service. One of the highest honors that I hold dear to me is to always cook with love because that’s all that I was ever shown.

As I got older, I relocated to Charleston, SC to live with Grandpa Teddy. At some point, I got homesick, as I reminisced about my roots, and how I missed the food culture of NYC. All of the delicious food and their bold, unique flavors. With a degree in Social Work and minor in Psychology already under my belt, I decided to be true to my love of servitude and helping, but in a different way. I enrolled at the Culinary Institute of Charleston and graduated in May of 2018 Magna Cum Laude. From there I knew I was destined to be an entrepreneur. My goal was to bring people food that their pallets may not have experienced in areas where that particular style of food wasn’t too popular. Teddy’s Table was the appropriate name to call it, as it was an homage to My grandpa’s legacy. Because of my business, he lives on forever.

My ultimate goal with Teddy’s is to always provide an outstanding customer service experience with a beautiful aesthetic and delicious, bold flavors. I want everyone who ever has a taste of what we do here to know that it was cooked with utmost love. I make sure to implement the same undying love and passion with every meal served here at Teddys Table. I want to share my passion with the world and bring people together to celebrate life’s best moments with an unforgettable dining experience. We realize that we have talent to share and it’s not meant to just stay in one place; it’s really meant to be shared with the world. That is why at Teddy’s, we always say “we go EVERYWHERE!”

We specialize in the overall experience, which is why we are happy to provide food, catering decor, custom t-shirts and more, to help our events stand out and offer a more personal feel. No matter where you are in the word, we hope you and your loved ones will consider Teddy’s to make your next gathering one to remember.

-Chef Jay

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